Medicolegal Death Investigator (with Dannine Lorenzo)

I’m not comfortable with what I’m seeing here. I don’t think it matches up with time last seen alive, or maybe the way it was reported…it’s not adding up.

Two words.  Murder.  Mystery.  Who doesn’t love a good one?  We have a seemingly endless number of television shows based on them, some really popular movies, and an entire genre of books dedicated to finding out whodunnit and how.  AND one of the bestselling boardgames of all time.  AND the most popular podcast of all time that helped put podcasting on the map.  Basically, we all collectively love to try and solve the case.  The thing is, there are real people out there who actually have to help solve those cases for a living.  Today’s guest is one of them.

You’re always erring on the side of caution. It’s unnerving to bring that to light because you are making an accusation, but you are the voice of the decedent and you need to make sure that what you are seeing is looked into further.
We have to make sure that this is an 80 year old man that had a cardiac arrest…So we will respond out to those scenes just to be sure even if we think it’s a natural death.

Interview Contents

2:00 - Medicolegal death investigator vs. coroner vs. forensic pathologist.
5:00 - Dannine’s background.
8:50 - Has Dannine become hardened to seeing the things she sees?
11:00 - Various death circumstances.
12:00 - Overlay deaths.
15:00 - Are you called in on all deaths, or just mysteries?
17:50 - How many calls does Dannine have per day?
18:35 - The 5 manners of death.
19:40 - Determining the manner of death. (with specific examples)
23:10 - Working a case that was supposedly a suicide, but you suspect may be a homicide.
28:30 - Determining accidental death vs suicide.
33:00 - Sex related deaths.
34:30 - Involuntary man slaughter.
36:00 - Determining identification on a decomposed body.
43:45 - Helping to put someone in prison.
48:00 - Changing your relationship to life and death.
49:40 - Pay.
51:40 - Simple vs. complex cases.
54:40 - How to get into this field.


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