Art Gallery Owner (with Ann Hazels)

I have the great joy of delivering the message of what the artist was making to whomever is coming to view that work, and I feel like that’s my most important job.

Art is everywhere, and according to most definitions, can be pretty much anything.  Yet somehow when art is put indoors, into a formal setting, it somehow can become pretty intimidating.  Like somehow just putting it in a frame and on a wall makes us second guess if we really ‘get’ it, or if we’re even capable of getting it. Our overly self conscious hang-ups aside, today’s guest argues that we can all appreciate art.  Ann Hazel’s is a wonderful, down to earth gallery owner that just wants you to have a great experience with art.

There’s absolutely nothing that puts me above anyone else experience in art. Because I own an art gallery it doesn’t mean my experience is any more important than anybody else coming to view the work.
I don’t find too much joy trying to convince myself of something if I wasn’t convinced at first.

Interview Contents

2:20 - How healthy is the art world?
4:00 - Is the art world trying to become more casual and accessible?
7:10 - Being the mouthpiece of the artist.
8:00 - Deciding what to sow in the gallery.
9:10 - Installation art.
10:30 - What is art?
12:00 - Artistic excellence and abstract art.
16:35 - Guest curators.
17:45 - Bringing in unknown talent vs big names.
20:20 - Pricing art.
22:00 - Working with artists.
26:00 - Negotiating on price.
27:00 - Rent vs commission.
30:30 - Keeping the doors open.
32:30 - The day to day business of owning an art gallery.
37:00 - How technology has impacted the art industry.
40:15 - The best part of owning an art gallery.
42:50 - Bringing in art because of its story.
45:45 - Advice for people that have never been to an art gallery.


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