Vegan (with Darlene Adamusik)

I didn’t want to do cold turkey. I wanted to experiment. I wanted to see if it was possible.

Do you like to eat?  Everything?  All the time?  I know I sure do!  But there’s something I’ve learned in life, and that’s that you can’t always have it all.  Want to eat some tasty sugary pastries and bliss out from the dopamine hit they give you?  Sounds good, but be prepared to not feel motivated to go to the gym…or do much else after.  Want to have loads of energy every day, have amazing looking skin, and a feel balanced emotionally?  It’s probably gonna take some sort of sacrifice in your diet.  In an almost literal sense, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  Today we’ll talk to Darlene Adamusik who has one of the more extreme and restrictive diets out there (though that’s not how she thinks about it).  She is a vegan.  She is loving it.  And she is going to tell us why. 

For some reason the dozen eggs I had at that time were all bloody!
During the transition I would be mixing meat in, but every time I ate the meat I would just feel like crap.


:40 – Darlene’s journey to becoming a vegan.

6:35 – Major digestive issues.

8:20 – Awesome vegan food.

8:50 – Coincidence and following your path.

11:00 – Why Darlene used to be against vegans.

16:10 – Keeping up energy and fitness level as a vegan.

18:40 – Good vegan protein sources.

23:35 – Studies be weak. Do what’s right for you.

26:20 – Protein powders

33:35 – Considerations a vegan needs to take to have a balanced healthy diet.

35:00 – How being a vegan has changed Darlene’s life.

38:20 - Advice

41:40 – Darlene’s company BodBlast


BodBlast (Darlene's company)

Nutrasumma Pea Protein (amazon affiliate link)


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