Geocaching (with Jon Stanley)

What is geocaching and how to start geocaching interview with jon stanley
Even if you don’t go out with friends, even if you’re just by yourself, it’s still a community and that’s the great thing about it

Want to know a secret?  Of course you do!  Right now, in your city or town, there are dozens…perhaps hundreds of hidden treasures just waiting to be found.  Did you go to a park last week?  There may have been one under the bench by that one tree that looks like the pope.  Go for a walk yesterday?  You probably passed by two, but you were just a muggle so you passed by none the wiser.  Have no fear!  Be a muggle no more!  In today’s episode employee Jon Stanley will give us the lowdown on the wonderful world of geocaching.  He’ll explain to us what geocaches are, why it’s no good to be a muggle, and how you can get started ASAP.  It’s time to take your walks, your hikes…your life to the next level.

It is use of a $12 Billion government satellite constellation to look for tupperware in the woods
Some people in geocaching call it hiking with a purpose, but I think you can exchange hiking for just about anything else


2:10 - What is geocaching?

4:15 - The GPS for geocaching.

6:15 - Geocaches in China and elsewhere.

7:45 - The good or bad of a growing community.

9:30 - Tips for making a good geocache. Location.

11:00 - Finding neighborhood gems.

12:00 - The geocaching lingo.

14:30 - Die hard geocachers.

16:40 - Jon’s geocaching history.

20:40 - Numbers of people geocaching.

22:30 - Hiking/walking with a purpose.

24:30 - Making a great geocache.

28:55 - Gadget-caches.

30:45 - Featured geocachers.

31:55 - Getting in trouble with authorities.

35:15 - The geocoin.

40:45 - Geocache weddings.

42:25 – Working for

44:40 - Advice for getting started.


Geocaching app

Geocaching glossary of terms



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