Cosplay (with Roxanna Meta)

You have that magical moment when you pick up the comic and you go, ‘oh my gosh, this, this is beautiful’

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Always has been, always will be.  There is something so great about getting to put on a costume and go around as someone else for the day (or week).  You can get really into it and try to completely personify your character, but even if you don’t its just such a refreshing change from the norm.  The most important thing about Halloween though, the reason it is the inarguable best holiday, is that it really brings people together.  Christmas, Chanukah, Thanksgiving, nah, that just gets you and your family together.  Halloween gets EVERYONE together.  Friends, colleagues, neighbors, complete strangers, it’s all good!  Everyone seems to be on an equal footing and in a mood to talk when you have the ultimate ice breaker, you’re not really you!  So why limit yourself to Halloween?  Today’s guest, Roxanna Meta, ain’t no fool and knows all about dressing up other times of year.  She’s been doing Cosplay for the past 7 years and it’s completely changed her life for the better.  Time to hear about the awesome segment of people making dressing up a full time hobby. 

There is an empowerment to actually being there wearing the costume, in that moment, and it’s addictive
Paint yourself green...or don’t. There are so many different options and I love to see people embrace those options


1:55 – Fuzzberta, the greatest cosplayer.

2:40 – What is cosplay?

3:30 – Do you have to be at a ‘con’ to cosplay.

5:20 – Roxanna’s thoughts on Halloween.

7:05 – Roxanna’s first convention experience.

9:00 – Getting more into comics.

12:00 – Getting into character.

12:45 – Names in the cosplay community.

15:20 – Making costumes.

18:15 – Roxanna’s favorite costumes.

21:00 – Love and haters in the cosplay community.

24:10 – Fame and careers in cosplay

26:50 – Ratio of men to women.

28:00 – Do ‘straightforward’ character dressers hate on the ‘sexy’ character dressers?

34:00 – Roxanna’s favorite con.

35:50 – The most amazing costumes.

37:35 – The best experiences Roxanna has had.

41:30 – Advice for getting started.



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