Surfing (with Rory Parker)

The ocean is amazing.  Utterly and completely amazing.  Studies have shown that just living near the ocean is good for your health.  But why stop there?  Ancient Polynesians sure didn’t, and neither did today’s guest Rory Parker.  Rory has been surfing nearly his entire life.  And he even managed to land a job writing for an awesome surfing blog for a living.  So why was Rory so drawn to surfing?  And what recommendations would he have for newbies looking to try it out?


2:41 – Start of interview

3:10 – Do you have to learn to surf when you are a kid?

5:30 – Imposing surfer culture.

8:45 – Surfer priority when out in the ocean.

11:25 – Surfing ethics tips.

12:35 – The different types of surfboards

15:30 – How important is board type to a beginner?

17:20 – Rory’s major surfing and ocean injuries.

21:15 – As Rory has gotten older, and post injury, how has his love of surfing changed?

23:45 – Dumb questions not to ask a surfer.

30:40 –

32:15 – Advice for some that wants to get started surfing.

33:45 – What is it that makes people leave their lives behind for surfing?

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