DJ (with Swookie Monster)

DJing is my passion; it’s what keeps me sane in life.

When was the last time you lived in the moment?  Like, really, really, just lived in the moment.  Did it by any chance happen the last time you were on a dance floor?  It sure did for me!  There’s something about listening to great music and pretending you’re starring in Soul Train that makes you forget about everything else.   No cares, no worries.  It’s just you, the music, and the dance floor.  As far as I’m concerned, that pretty much makes the DJ some sort of transcendental Zen Sherpa.  In today’s episode, Ben Anderson (aka Swookie Monster), tells us all about what it’s like to be a purveyor of presence, and gives us advice for how we can get started DJing as well.  So long Eckhart Tolle, hello funky bass line.   

These people are essentially coming up and yelling at you drunkenly. If you think of another job that would be acceptable at…
I’ve always considered myself a big lover of music, but was never really talented at [making] it


2:10 – What, in the most basic sense, does a DJ do?

5:05 – What does a DJ do when they are on stage?

6:40 – The hallmark of a good DJ.

7:20 – The various pieces of hardware a DJ uses. Basic to advanced.

12:30 – Producing music.

13:40 – Making mash-ups.

16:00 – The learning curve of becoming a DJ.

20:10 – Ben’s first opportunities in the DJ world.

21:30 – Ben getting on the radio.

25:30 – How do you try to stay on top after you start to get recognition?

27:05 – Marketing yourself as a DJ.

29:00 – The DJ lifestyle after 30 years old.

30:45 – Being in a relationship and being a DJ.

32:50 – Being famous for a night, and then being an average joe the next day.

34:10 – Dealing with drunk people at shows.

35:20 – Top 2 recommendations for places to find great new dance music online.

37:50 – Top 2 recommendations for software programs to get started.


Pumped Up Kicks (TABS Remix)





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