Fitness Competitor (with Alex Olson)

You’re standing backstage...and I remember my leg was just shaking because I was so nervous.

Exercise is an amazing thing.  It releases endorphins, raises your metabolism, boosts hormone production, and it can help reshape the very body you walk around in.  Some people use exercise to accomplish even more remarkable feats, like pushing the boundaries of the re-sculpting process the body is capable of.  Today’s guest, Alex Olson, is one of these people.  She is a body building fitness competitor, and she totally kicks ass.  She’ll tell us how she used diet, exercise, hard work, and discipline to reach a lofty goal, and how it completely changed her self-confidence in the process.

It’s a mix of ‘holy crap you’re judging me and I don’t know how I feel about this’ to ‘heck yeah you’re judging me, cuz I look good and I know it!’
That was my biggest struggle...the social food aspect. There were so many people that didn’t get it.


1:35 – What made Alex start training for a fitness competition.

2:50 – How did Alex get started down the path?

3:10 – What is the idea body that Alex was looking for?

6:30 – Motivation and progression in the gym.

9:25 – The diet.

13:10 – Micronutrients.

14:30 – Getting on a team.

16:40 – The plan.

19:20 – Cooking in bulk.

21:40 – Sacrifice, motivation, and long term goals.

25:40 – Self-confidence through diet.

26:25 – The social aspect of a strict diet.

29:30 – Supplementation

37:40 – How training changes right before the competition.

41:00 – What you’re judged on.

42:40 – Squatting and the desire to have a big butt.

46:10 – The ideal body.

47:00 – The competition weekend.

56:10 – 5th place!

57:10 – Looking at your body so closely and how that impacts your confidence.

1:02:10 – Realistic expectations.

1:04:10 – Advice for following Alex’s path.


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