CrossFit (with Fat Tony)

Mentally pushing yourself out of your comfort zone on a daily basis, there’s really something to be said for that

I like to go to the gym.  It helps me clear my head and get my life in order.  Yet, as much as I like going to the gym and appreciate its benefits, I definitely wouldn’t consider myself an evangelist for it.  CrossFit on the other hand has a reputation for evangelical followers.  Do you exercise? I CrossFit.  Do you go to the gym?  I go to a CrossFit box.  Do you like to work out?  I like to do CrossFit.  So, why all the territorial hype? What makes CrossFit so special?  Let’s find out.  Today’s guest, Fat Tony, gives us the details on all things CrossFit.   He’ll explain why he thinks it has the cult following it has and why that has led to a mixed reputation.  Note:  All opinions expressed are Fat Tony and Blake Fletcher’s neither of which has any formal ties to the CrossFit brand and company. 

I’m all patting myself on the back like ‘hell yeah, this is sweet!’.....then we get to the work out
I’ve found that after working out you have the crazy bond with other people


1:25 – The name Fat Tony

2:05 – What is CrossFit?

4:05 – The variation of exercises.

5:05 – Stepping into a CrossFit gym.

7:35 – Fat’s first CrossFit experience.

10:35 – Trying different gyms.

11:05 – The social/cultural aspect.

15:20 – Side benefits of CrossFit.

16:55 – Frequency and duration of workouts.

19:15 – Measuring progression.

21:00 – A sample workout.

26:10 – Kipping pullups.

31:20 – CrossFit lingo.

34:55 – How a workout is tracked.

37:30 – Runners high feeling.

40:10 – Not being nervous to try it out.

42:30 – The mentality of CrossFit and exercise.

44:25 – Why CrossFit gets a bad name sometimes.

47:25 – Advice for starting CrossFit.

48:25 – Fat’s other passions.

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