Rock Climbing (with Andy Pathuis)

Man vs. nature.  It’s a tale as old as time.  Man is full of hubris and tries to conquer nature, nature slaps man down and says, ‘come on dude, I’m nature.’  Then there are those like today’s guest, Andy Pathuis, who try to work with nature to do wonderful things.  Andy works in concert with massive rock structures, and uses the tiniest of nooks, crannies, and ledges to scale them.  Is it scary?  Maybe.  Can you die?  Definitely.  Is it worth it?  Andy sure thinks so.


2:35 – Andy’s rock climbing history

3:45 – The two different positions in rock climbing

4:45 – Can the lead climber just fall to their death at any time?

5:35 – Falling small distances when climbing.

6:37 – How often are anchors placed in the rock? / Sport Climbing

8:20 – First ascents.

9:30 – Traditional climbing.

13:15 – Rock climbing shoes.

 15:45 – Where should a beginner start climbing?

17:35 – What helps people do well when getting started?

18:35 – What you need to buy to get started? Cost of getting started.

20:10 – Does everyone have rock climbing near them?

20:45 – Where to go when you get better? The climbing rating system.

24:50 – The strategy and mental sport of climbing.

28:50 – Why is rock climbing such a big thing for Andy? 

30:15 – Near death experiences.

36:02 – Advice for a beginner.

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