Dungeons and Dragons (with Lisa Gross)

What does it mean to be a nerd?  Really into Sci-Fi?  Star Wars is the most popular movie franchise of all time.  Love fantasy?  Game of Thrones is the number one rated show on television.  Breathe too loud and have a bizarrely close relationship with your Mom?  Now we’re talking!  In today’s episode we examine the in-between, the Godfather of all things nerd culture, Dungeons and Dragons.  In a sci-fi, parallel dimension twist, we’ll find out about the game from none other than a super badass girl, Lisa Gross.  Lisa will teach us how to play D&D and more importantly, reevaluate what it means to be a nerd.


2:56 – How Lisa started playing D&D

3:47– Did Lisa’s group start fresh together, or did one of them already know how to play?

4:36 – How long before they really knew what they were doing?

5:25 – The similarities between chess and D&D.

6:12 – What is Dungeons and Dragons? How do you play?

7:41 – What is the game board like for D&D?

9:14 – The six month duration of a campaign.

10:00 – How long does it take the dungeon master to set the stage for a campaign?

10:55 – Are you only able to have one dungeon master?

11:45– The extra responsibilities of the dungeon master.

13:08 – What can you and can’t you do in D&D?

15:06 – How much can the dungeon master stop you from going crazy with your character?

16:44 – Creating characters.

17:51 – Starting the campaign.

19:36– Movement and spacing in D&D.

20:00 – Checks and rolling.

24:05 – Leveling up

26:00 – The use of die in basically every facet of the game.

28:00 – Can you roll a terrible character for yourself?

29:15 – How does a game take 6 months?

30:44 – So seriously, can you do anything?

32:00 – The handbooks. 

33:12 – The crazy things people will do in D&D?

34:05 – Getting started with D&D.

35:30– The magic number of people to start playing with.


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