Sensory Deprivation Floating (with Mike Garrett)

Ahhhhhh.  Who doesn’t like a little peace and quiet from time to time?  Some time to unwind, give the brain a chance to relax, and connect more with ones self.  What if I told you that there was a way to put that whole process in overdrive…unwind faster, relax more, connect deeper.  Welcome to the world of sensory deprivation floating!  Today’s guest, Mike Garrett was so transformed by floating that he decided to move and open up his own float spa business.  Mike will explain what all the hype is about, his crazy path to get here, and some tips and tricks should you decide to take the plunge.


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Reboot Float Spa (Mike's Float Spa)

*For everyone in the SF area, if after hearing this you want to try floating, Mike's place is awesome and he'll give $10 off your first float for listeners of the show. Just mention discount code 'halfhour' when you book your appointment.

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