Sky Diving & BASE Jumping

Ever wondered what it would be like to fall towards the earth at terminal velocity?  I for one have, and then imagined what it would be like to pee my pants and terminal velocity…but now I’m thinking maybe I should give it a whirl anyways!  In today’s episode I interview Ross Reichenbach about the hobbies of sky diving and BASE jumping.  We’ll talk about some of his death defying experiences and how his life has changed since he picked up the hobby.  If you’re afraid of heights like I am, you should definitely give this one a listen.


3:30 - How Ross got started skydiving.

5:50 - Ross explains the 'art form' of free falling.

7:10 - Ross's favorite position to free fall in.

8:00 - Cost to get started.

9:30 - How many people are on the plane with you?

11:20 - Is Ross trying to make this a career?

11:45 - How Ross got started BASE jumping.

13:55 - Only one parachute?!

14:24 - How long do you have to effectively pull your parachute when BASE jumping?

16:30 - How Ross has changed since starting sky diving and BASE jumping.

19:53 - Ross's change in perspective.

21:04 - The legality of BASE jumping.

23:04 - Ross's Mission Impossible scouting story.

27:34 - How to get started BASE jumping.

28:47 - Scariest and most memorable experiences.

34:38 - Words of advice and first steps to get started.


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