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How much do you love your hood?  On a scale of Snoop Dogg to heartbroken teen whose one true love just moved away because their stupid dad got a stupid new job?  Today’s guest, Todd Lappin, is most definitely on the Snoop/Dre end of the scale.  His love, admiration, and fascination with his neighborhood caused him to start a blog about it in 2009.  In the 6 years since, the news, happenings, and interesting residents have kept him going strong, and his connection to his home and neighbors has grown even deeper.  So tell me, how much do you love your hood?


2:33 - Why Todd started Bernalwood.  And if his opinion of his neighborhood has changed since.

5:56 - Todd's background and the formation of Bernalwood.

11:36  - The early days of Bernalwood.  How Todd got content.

14:14 - Blogging with a full time job.

16:50 - Receiving content from neighbors.

18:26 - How Todd's life has changed since he started Bernalwood.

20:22 - How Todd's experience as a resident of San Francisco has changed since starting Bernalwood.

23:36 - What are some steps people can take in other cities, in other neighborhoods that wanted to start their own neighborhood blog?

24:00 - Cost/time investment.


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