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Do you like to watch movies?  How about filming yourself and your friends, or your family vacation?  Snapchat?  How about making a feature length independent film and submitting in to film festivals?  Today’s guests are in the process of doing that right now!  Mike Delaney and Ed Gonzales have been making short films together since they were in high school, and last year decided to take all of their experience and connections and roll them up into a full-length indie film.  We’ll learn about what it took to get them here and how you can get started with your vision for the silver screen.


1:35 - How Ed and Mike got interested in film making.

4:10 - What happened for each of them after they left highschool?

5:45 – Pooling resources and experience to make a feature length film.

6:35 – The difference between working on a short film vs feature length.

7:35 – Their first film festival experience.

9:00 – The turning point to realizing they could do a feature length film.

10:11 – The meaning behind the name Medias Res.

11:33 – When and how they begun the writing process.

12:15 – A rational approach to planning a film.

13:55 – Funding.  How, when, why.

16:00 – Cost of making an indie film.

17:13 – The line of legality. Permits etc…

17:40 – The dangers of filming without permits.

20:00 – What is the cost of the equipment needed to make this quality of film.

22:23 – What is the biggest lesson they each learned in making this movie.

26:00 – Getting viewership and distribution for a film.

26:25 – How do you get into a film festival.

29:50 – Getting more actors for the film.

30:40 – Things they wish they knew before they started.

31:45 – Working through adversity.

34:00 – Step 1 to getting started making a movie.


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