Horseback Riding

Finally, time for some good old-fashioned horseplay!  Today’s guest, Janelle Swanson, started riding horses at the mature age of 7 years old.  Over the years Janelle has owned horses, rented horses, ridden in competitions, ridden for fun, and even stopped horseback riding to pursue other interests…only to pick it back up again.  She’ll tell us about the special connection between man and horse that make this a truly unique hobby.  We’ll also hear about the costs and options for getting started, no matter where you live.  Time to get back in the saddle.


2:58 - How Janelle got started riding.

8:00 - Different types of competition riding.

10:00 - How Janelle 'earned' her first horse.

11:26 - Costs to purchase a 'starter' horse. Ongoing costs of keeping a horse.

14:45 - The option of renting/leasing.

17:25 - Riding bare back.

18:38 - Anatomy of a horse mouth.

19:35 - Step 1 for somebody that has never ridden.

20:15 - Trail riding vs. riding with a coach.

23:18 - Cost summary of getting started.

24:35 - What are the different types of horseback riding?

28:34 - Police horses.

30:35 - Best riding experience as an adult.

32:15 - The man and horse connection. Is domestication wrong?

39:20 - Words of wisdom for parents whose kids want to ride a horse.

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