Remember how terrible arts and crafts time seemed as a little kid?  Who in their right mind would rather be gluing puff balls on construction paper as opposed to being outside playing kickball?!  Have you tried any sorts of crafty activities since?  In today’s episode I interview Mike Steinberger on the hobby of leatherworking.  Mike likes working with his hands, and about a year ago came across a friend that worked with leather, so he decided to give it a shot.  Now, several nice wallets, purses, and a happy girlfriend later, Mike is loving it! 


2:39 – What originally drew Mike to leatherworking.

4:15 – Do you feel that working with your hands as a career helped you start out with leatherworking?

4:58  - Did you have a sensei? Someone that showed you the ropes?

6:05 - Step 1. Tools to get started.

9:26 - How long did your first piece take?

11:00 – The most recent thing Mike made and how he progressed.

12:25 – Cost to get leather and quantity you have to buy.

15:15 – Different grades of leather and cost of different grades.

18:05 – If you don’t have any carpentry background, how long would it take you to make your first pieces?  To make your first pieces that you’re proud of?

19:33 – How leatherworking has changed Mike.

21:22 – Would picking up leatherworking help someone excel at other craft related hobbies?

22:35 – What type of person would do really well at leatherworking?  What type of person should steer clear?

23:00 – The true essence of making goods with leather.

24:00 – What are the free resources available for people looking to get started?

25:38 – Summary of costs and time to get started.


A list of goods, curated by Mike, for getting started.

Tandy Leather

Poundo Board for making cuts and protecting punches

 Wood Slicker for finishing edges

 Stitching Groover (the tool that Mike couldn't remember the name of)  For creating a groove along your edge for the stitch to go

Punch for making holes for stitching




Blake Fletcher

Livin it up!