Fixed Gear

Bicycle gears and brakes, huh, good god y’all, what are they good for, absolutely nothin’!  Wait…what?  According to today’s interviewee, Sean Martin, riding a bicycle sans multiple gears and brakes is the only way to go!  Well, the best way at least.  Sound a little unsafe?  Well, time to quit being such a wuss and listen to the joys and virtues of fixed gear bicycle riding!


What is ‘fixed gear’? - 2:12

How do you stop your bike with no breaks? - 3:42

Why the hell would anyone want to do this?! - 5:02

Velodrome racing in the fixed gear scene - 8:02

The danger of racing without breaks - 8:34

When and how did Sean begin to ride fixed gear - 9:41

What made fixed gear so appealing? - 12:47

Who Sean would recommend a fixed gear bike for - 13:40

The cost of getting started on a fixed gear bike -15:24

How much is Sean's bike? - 17:02 

The culture and history behind fixed gear racing - 18:05

Are the larger bike companies making fixed gear bicycles as well? - 21:57

How big is the fixed gear scene? -22:32

With the rising popularity is there more money being poured into it, sponsorships, etc? - 24:07

The pros and cons of city riding. - 24:17

The time Sean almost died while riding - 28:20

Sean's closing advice - 33:02


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