Think you know about bird watching?  Think again!  In this interview I get the low down from bird watcher extraordinaire, Lisa Myers.  We’ll discuss whether or not bird watching is the most boring hobby you can have (hint: it’s not.) and whether or not bird watching is just for old fogies (hint: it’s not).  In fact, I’d now have to say that bird watching sounds downright awesome! Time to dust off those binoculars…


Do you find that strangers are fascinated by birdwatching – 3:00

Common birdwatching misconceptions – 4:20

What a birdwatcher is – 6:10

Types of birdwatchers – 6:20

Can you birdwatch anywhere? – 8:30

Limited time, migratory birdwatching – 9:05

How can you differentiate between 10,000 different types of birds? – 9:49

How does someone get started birding – 12:05

John James Audubon. the man, the myth, the legend – 13:08

Resources for getting started birdwatching - 13:55

Cost and tools needed to get started birdwatching – 14:52

Birdwatching’s ability to enhance other hobbies - 16:33

Is it common for bird watchers to catalog other things in nature? – 18:45

The types of people that get into birding and the types of birders they become - 20:05

How has birdwatching changed you as a person? 21:45

Birdwatching tours and adventures – 26:10


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National Audubon Society

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