Bladesmith (with Jimmy Seymour)

how to make a knife interview with jimmy seymour
When you first take a knife out of the oven and quench it…it’s so hard that if you drop it on the floor it will shatter into little pieces.

Knives (and other blades) are so essential to our lives.  Like, top of the life pyramid essential.   Yet, they’re so commonplace and fundamental that we completely take their existence for granted.  Want to not eat a whole cow all at once?  Knives.  Want to not grow your beard…forever?  Knives.  Want to get rid of that rogue tree growing in the middle of your driveway?  Knives. Perhaps it’s because so many of us use cheap knives and blades stamped by machines that we don’t seem to notice them very much.  There are however some amazing people that don’t take their existence for granted, and they make knives the good old fashioned way.  Today’s guest Jimmy will tell us all about the process of making your own knife (or sword) and give us plenty ofother info about these indispensable tools.

There’s a show here in Las Vegas every year and I see pocket knives go anywhere from $2000-$20,000.
You’re like, you gotta be kidding me man! There’s no way that that thing will actually function. So the craftsman in you comes and and you’re like “yeah…I don’t really want to put my name on something like that”.

Interview Contents

2:00 - The various processes of making knives.

4:20 - Stock removal.

5:45 - The various steels used for knives.

8:00 - Properties of knives.

11:15 - Tempering.

12:00 - Time to make a knife.

13:00 - Making a blade with stock removal.

19:40 - Making knives 20 years in.

22:00 - Is everyone’s first knife going to be terrible?

23:00 - Japanese vs. European knives.

24:30 - What makes a person’s knives great?

26:50 - Tips for buying good knives.

29:50 - Damascus steel.

33:10 - Pocket knives.

34:30 - Making custom video game swords.

36:00 - Where to find Jimmy’s knives and swords.

37:00 - Advice.


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