Flow Arts (with Nicky Evers)

I was instantly mesmerized. I [noticed] the sudden intimacy I felt both watching her and seeing how intimate she felt with her moment.

Have you ever been in a state of flow?  Complete and effortless focus in a single task, a merging of mind and body, all while not even thinking about it?  Flow states are a pretty buzzed about topic right now, and many people are trying to crack the code for educing a state of flow.  Which to me sounds kind of like forcing someone to fall in love with you.  There are however certain activities that really lend themselves well to bringing on a state of flow.  Competitive sports and ultra-marathon running for example.  But what about something for the non blue ribbon presidential fitness award winners of us out there?  Today’s guest explains the world of flow arts.  A super fun, deep, flow state stimulating world for all.

Through that refinement of technique then I am able to put more of my focus and creativity into it. It becomes more of this free form of expression…I think the marriage of those two things is what most consistently gets me to a place that is relaxing and comforting and really fulfilling.
I think it fits into the arts culture because of that. You can get involved with it and creativity is valued…people might have standards about what they think is a beautiful thing to watch or a correct way to do it, but if someone is going against those standards people are very quick to appreciate that.

Interview Contents

1:40 – Defining flow arts.

8:00 – Practice and discipline.

10:30 – How Nicky got started.

13:20 – The flow arts community.

15:30 – Flow arts for beginners.

17:00 – Men vs. women in flow arts.

19:15 – Nicky’s favorite flow art.

21:40 – How flow arts have changed Nicky.

23:40 – Who would really like flow arts?

26:20 – Active meditation.

28:00 – Common misconceptions about flow arts.

29:15 – Cost to get started.

30:00 – Advice

32:00 – Nicky’s flow arts film.


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