Pen Addict (with Brad Dowdy)

Beautiful photo by Susan M. Pigott

When I get that break to use a pen and a piece of paper that I enjoy, that that pen and piece of paper mean something to me, it means a lot to me. I’m considerate of what I’m writing and I retain what I’m writing better.

We live in a fast paced world.  On the move, internally and externally, no time to focus on the little things around us that piece together our lives.  Sometimes, in rare moments of clarity, peace, or fatigue, we slow enough to appreciate some of what’s around us.  We fear that this slowing down will get in the way of our fast paced productivity, but I’ve found the exact opposite to be true.  It increases productivity as our true, more capable, selves often come out in the process.  Today’s guest knows all about slowing down and appreciating the little things every day.  He is a self confessed pen addict.  Brad will explain why pens are pretty neat, and how slowing down to write things by hand has helped him cope with the increasing pace of the world around him.

It’s totally the sock in the drier thing. I mean, you can’t buy enough socks, they’re gonna get eaten by you’re drier, and I don’t know where they go. But somebody is probably having a pretty big sock and pen party right now.
The people who are into these pens find a reason to write, even if it’s going to take longer. It’s not a chore, it’s an enjoyable thing that we do.

Interview Contents

3:00 – The types of pens.

6:30 – The fountain pen breakdown.

9:30 – Why pens?

12:00 – Cultures that are really into pens and stationary.

16:15 – The most common pens that people have in their collection.

19:00 – Have you moved on past the “common” pens or do you still enjoy them?

20:00 – Holy grail pen.

24:30 – Do you write more often because you have so many pens?

26:00 – The enjoyment that pen enthusiasts get from writing and pens.

27:30 – The zen of writing.

29:00 – Pen storage.

31:00 – Advice for people looking to get a better relationship with pens.

33:30 – Brad’s website and podcast.


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