American Ninja Warrior (with Dr. Noah Kaufman)

Ninja Warrior, the moment that buzzer sounds you are right there. You are hyper aware. You can see the stillness of the water, the reflections of every light, and just the infinite complexity and the beautiful nature of reality…it’s a crazy experience.

Is there anything more badass than being a ninja?  They’re stealthy, they wear all black, they’re the strong silent type.  However, to my amazement, there is something more badass.  Today’s guest is an emergency room physician AND he’s an American Ninja Warrior.  He’ll explain what it’s like to pull off the incredible feats of being a ninja warrior and tell us about his path for getting there.  There is quite possibly no better role model for children and adults of all ages.  If you’re growing weary of seeing advice posts on social media from people whose commitment to said advice is tenuous at best, Noah should be a nice breath of fresh air for you. 

When you’re in the zone it just all feels so easy. And the moment you come out of the zone it’s instantly really difficult.
When you’re a climber you know how to relax, you know how to let the blood flow back in, you know how to barely hold onto the holds and just use friction to your advantage.

Interview Contents

2:00 - Finding time to be an emergency physician on top of everything else.
4:00 - Having an irregular schedule.
6:15 - The mind body connection.
8:00 - When to work out before vs. after work.
12:00 - Hypocrisy in the health care industry.
15:00 - The why and the how of living a healthy lifestyle.
17:30 - How Noah got started as an American Ninja Warrior
19:00 - The cornerstone physical skill for becoming an American Ninja Warrior.
21:00 - The mental game and strategy of ANW.
22:45 - How do you practice for ANW?
25:00 - Noah’s exercise regimen.
27:30 - Failing on the show.
31:10 - Sleep. Diet. Exercise.
34:45 - Having fun and getting in the zone.
37:30 - Epiphany and experiencing magic in life.
41:00 - Wolfpack Ninjas.
49:20 - Hope for our future.
51:00 - Sugar and cocaine.
52:20 - Advice for people that would like to get more fit.


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