Pokemon Go Expert (with Reddit Moderator - Sebastian Lamerichs)

We’re receiving 16 million page views a day right now. In the first week the game was out we received 92 million views. That is more views to the Pokemon subreddit than the other top 3 subreddits combined.

Growth takes time.  Just ask an 8 year old boy who is smaller than everyone else in his class.  And success, well, success doesn’t happen overnight.  Just ask the founder of nearly every company imaginable.  But sometimes, very rarely, very very rarely, all the stars and planets align.  Sometimes you make a product that you hope people will like, and it turns out to be the product that seemingly everyone was waiting for their whole lives.  Sometimes you come to the realization that people just gotta catch em’ all. 

This is meant to be kind of a bond between you and the Pokemon.
The trick is to get their attention. Niantic said, we’re going to let you catch Pokemon in real life. That got peoples attention.

Interview Contents

3:05 - Requests for interviews.
3:35 - What is Pokemon Go?
5:25 - Being motivated to explore the world.
8:50 - The number of people playing Pokemon Go.
11:15 - How to play Pokemon Go.
13:25 - How and when Sebastian got started playing Pokemon Go.
15:00 - Stability issues.
17:30 - The business prospects of becoming a poke stop or poke gym.
21:15 - The subliminal “advertising” of being a part of the game.
25:15 - The amount of money being made by Pokemon Go developers.
27:45 - New businesses being created due to Pokemon Go.
32:45 - The number of Pokemon in the game.
34:25 - The rarities of Pokemon.
36:15 - Needing to go to specific areas to find Pokemon.
43:25 - Are some areas better than others for catching Pokemon?
44:55 - Battling at gyms.
49:10 - Leveling up.
51:25 - Finding leveled up Pokemon.
53:25 - Reddit stats.
56:10 - Niantic’s great business strategies.
59:55 - The most common posts on reddit.
1:01:55 - The strangest posts on reddit.
1:03:45 - Sebastian’s top 3 Pokemon.
1:05:30 - Advice for new players.


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