Wedding Photographer (with Jake and Hailee Repko)

That part of it, I think, is what makes you a professional, and what makes people willing to pay for it…when you take time and invest your heart and soul into it, it takes it to the next level

I don’t know how you feel, but I love weddings.  I’m not a big fan of the traditions and black-tie-ness of most nuptials, but I am a HUGE fan of gatherings based on love, friendship, and family.  Add to that an incredibly memorable day for at least two of the attendees, a verbal profession of love, and a hot dance floor where teens, grandma, and everyone in between can be seen, and I’d say we got a pretty magnificent event on our hands.  So, what’s it like to have a wedding related job?  Moreover, what’s it like to be entrusted to capture the heightened emotion of the day on film?  Time to find out.

It takes at least two years to really see the work that you put in
This is their only wedding, this is their day, so making the most out of it for them is my goal


2:20 – Blake’s wedding

6:30 – How Jake and Hailee got started.

11:30 – Is being a photographer tough now due to the proliferation of good camera phones?

14:30 – Being a professional

16:30 – What makes a great photo and a great photo shoot?

20:00 – The post shoot process.

25:00 – Having only one price and a consistent product

26:00 – Hailee and Jake’s own wedding.

27:10 – Finding a calm space after the wedding.

30:00 – The business side of wedding photography and growing a client base.

34:50 – The progression of the business.

36:15 – The wedding photography booking schedule.

40:45 – Becoming a small business owner.

43:40 – Staying inspired.

49:00 – The benefit of having a second photographer and business partner.

53:50 – Advice for people looking to get into photography.


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