Cuddle Therapy (with Travis Sigley)

Practice in touching and practice in relating really authentically and openly, and that’s what we all need more of, practice in these things

Cuddle therapy sounds pretty crazy right?  Like some guy’s strange attempt to get close to women only to make a move when things get comfortable.  But after talking to today’s guest, Travis Sigley, I don’t think it’s crazy at all.  Come to think of it, why should it sound so out of place?  Everyone has people around them that they CAN talk to, and yet some people don’t feel comfortable enough and seek out a therapist.  Maybe they grew up in a family where they didn’t really talk about their feelings so they only feel comfortable with a therapist.  Maybe 1 of 1,000 other reasons, but none of them do we question.  Well, what if you grew up in a family where displays of affection were taboo?  Growing up with handshakes from dad, pats on the back from mom, then jump straight into having a sex life that lacks any sort of intimacy.  Perhaps then, a trustable, open person like Travis offering intimate touch, without the awkwardness of family or the transactional prospect of sex is exactly what the doctor ordered.  As smarter people than me say, sometimes you can think and talk all you want, but what you really need to do is act.  Welcome to the action form of therapy.  Welcome to the cuddle puddle.

[Some places in the world] there’s way more touch but it’s really loaded and really heavy and it can be draining touch because I have to manage my boundaries and not really relax into the touch
It’s really important for people to have boundaries, so they can know that anywhere up until that point they can go to and roam wildly, but knowing that there is this line and we’re never gonna cross it


2:00 – What is cuddle therapy?

4:00 – Breaking down ‘hard wiring’.

6:20 – Travis’s life before cuddle therapy.

8:00 – Travis decision to become a stripper.

11:35 – Not wearing a shirt for 6 years.

16:20 – Needing touch.

17:40 – The gap between human animals and non-human animals.

26:50 – Are there rules/boundaries set up for cuddle therapy?

29:10 – Are there ever sexual feelings that arise?

31:10 – Crossing the line.

31:50 – Cuddle therapy no matter gender or sexual identity.

32:30 – More men or women? Age ranges?

32:45 – Arousal during cuddle therapy?

33:50 – Cuddle positioning.

34:50 – Big spoon? Little spoon?

36:20 – Cuddle parties and how they affect the level of ‘connection’

38:15 – Cuddle puddle.

38:55 – Cuddle Shuttle.

40:00 – Larger size companies offering cuddle therapy and Travis’s thoughts on them.

43:55 – Cuddle therapy while in a relationship.

46:55 – Tips for effective cuddling.

49:25 – Eye contact.


Cuddle documentary that Travis is featured in

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