Structural Engineer (with Jaclyn Lee)

I think any engineer when they walk around the world they’re gonna ask, ‘how does that work?’ For me it’s just on a larger scale.

Buildings (and all sorts of other structures) can be pretty darn cool.  The Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, The Sydney Opera House, the list of incredible buildings goes on and on.  Usually we praise these buildings for their aesthetics, like a bunch of shallow people whose moms never told them that beauty is on the inside.  Today’s guest is here to remind us that without the inside, there would be no outside.  She makes sure that the value of a building is more than skin deep, and helps save plenty of lives in the process.

We design the bones of a structure and the architects design the skin.
The factors of safety that go into building these things is quite high, so you don’t have to worry that if a building is designed for 50 years, once it turns 50 it’s going to collapse.

Interview Contents

2:00 - What is a structural engineer.
3:30 - Why Jaclyn wanted to be a structural engineer.
5:00 - Structural engineering in school.
6:50 - Skills that a structural engineer needs to have.
10:30 - Looking at old structures as a structural engineer.
9:45 - The types of structural engineers.
11:30 - Renovating old structures.
13:00 - Building structures and buildings to last for a certain amount of time.
15:30 - What the structural engineer is expected to know.
18:00 - Who structural engineers work with.
19:00 - Building a home.
20:45 - Problems that come up when a structural engineer isn’t on the project.
23:00 - How do buildings keep getting taller?
25:30 - The things you notice in daily life when you’re a structural engineer.
26:45 - Advice.


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