SEO Expert (with Britney Muller)

How to get started with SEO podcast interview with Britney Muller
It’s so fun for me because I’m always learning. It’s sort of like online detective work and being able to provide good people quality leads to help their business feels so amazing.

SEO.  Search. Engine. Optimization.  Not exactly the three sexiest words in the English language.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet that if you checked your own internal ‘search engine’ those words are barely registering as something that you want to learn about.  However, you might be, like me, saying to yourself, “It is a really big part of the world though, so maybe I should at least learn about it, as boring as that will be.”  All I can say is, you’ve taken the first right step, and you are in AMAZING hands with today’s guest, Britney Muller.  I can assure that what Britney has to say is far from boring, and it might even have you messing with the internet by the end of the episode.  It’s time we take SEO from geek to chic.

I just got such a kick out of having this strange little online power of manipulating search.
I really loved snowboarding so I planned to rank [my personal website] #1 for Burton US Open the day of the event…and sure enough day of the event I ranked above and I got a call from Burton’s marketing team.

Interview Contents

3:20 - Britney’s amazing story for how she got into SEO.
5:00 - Messing with SEO to a point that she starting getting calls from big companies.
7:30 - How she ranked #1 for Burton’s own snowboard contest.
12:30 - How Britney defines SEO.
14:20 - How Britney first evaluates a site.
16:00 - How Google evaluates sites.
18:00 - Links helping vs. hurting.
19:40 - What interacts with SEO on a website.
27:00 - Trying to do SEO with a site on squarespace or another website provider.
29:30 - Analytics and knowing if your traffic is qualified.
33:30 - Understanding your users.
39:30 - The improvements that a small business or blog can see from doing some SEO.
41:00 - The quickest way to move the needle for your website.
43:00 - Who SEO works best for and who it does not work well for.
45:30 - Keeping up with Google’s changes.
47:00 - The future of SEO.
54:00 - How much time should people be spending on this?
57:30 - How to know what you’re doing well
1:03:45 - How long before we see results.


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