Social Media Manager (with Jake Repko)

Look at what you are passionate about and what you want to do…how can you take what you’re passionate about and leverage that on social media. You don’t have to be passionate about social media. If you take your passion and try to figure out how you can apply it into these platforms, it can be really valuable.

Social media is such a pervasive fixture of modern society.  You may love it, you may hate it, you may think it’s a waste of time…but there it is.  Seemingly not concerned with peoples’ varying and ever-changing opinions of it, it remains, stronger than ever.  Today we interview a social media manger for a major fitness brand, Beach Body.  Jake will tell us about the ins and outs of trying to manage something as amorphous and massive as social media, and he’ll make us all feel a bit better about the social media hustle.

Now it’s evolved to the point where we’re actually acquiring customers and tracking revenue and tracking engagements, and actually looking at social as a place to grow the business, retain customers, and elevate the brand.
I’m of the mindset that if nobody is reacting to you, positively OR negatively, that it’s actually a bad thing. There’s so much content out there that if you’re not standing out one way or another that’s a bad thing.

Interview Contents

3:00 - What a social media manger is and why companies have them.
5:00 - The evolution of social media for business.
6:00 - Jake’s background and the background most people have that go into this.
8:45 - The factors Jake looks at when hiring people.
11:00 - Curating your feed.
12:55 - The various things Jake does.
17:00 - Metrics and reporting.
21:00 - Paying to get posts in front of people.
24:00 - Worrying about the haters.
32:45 - How often should we be posting?
38:15 - Encouraging people that aren’t really into social media.
42:00 - Connecting to your passion.
44:00 - The biggest mistakes brands are making with their social media.
45:30 - Brands and campaigns that Jake admires.
49:30 - Advice


Links provided by Jake:

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