Sex Worker (with Maxine Holloway)

[My first porn shoot] I was really nervous. I had planned and rehearsed the whole scene in my head, like I had completely choreographed. I think I spent just as much money as I got paid on getting my nails done, and buying nice lingerie. I don’t think I made any money after all that was done…As opposed to nowadays where I kinda just eat a taco, roll right onto set, it’s much less of a production.

Sex.  It pretty much makes the world go round.  They say that nearly every major invention ever can be traced back to a desire to impress someone that you are sexually attracted to.  Moreover, adoption of new media and tech over the past 50 years has been heavily influenced by sex and the porn industry.  One of the major reasons VHS won over the Betamax format was VHS was the main format for porn.  By the late 1970s, erotic film accounted for over half of all VHS sales in the United States.  On the internet 13% of all searches are for erotic content, somewhere between 4-30% of all traffic is for porn, and at any second 30,000,000 unique people are viewing porn online.  Online payment was invented to collect money on porn sites.  Makes you wonder what the future will hold with virtual reality and artificial intelligence…actually it doesn’t, it’s going to be a lot of porn and sex.  Something this all encompassing takes a lot of time to talk about, and this will be the first of many of those talks.  Today’s guest, Maxine Holloway, is a porn actress and director, live show actress and director, an escort, a sex activist, and a college level sex educator that has her masters in public health.  As you can imagine, we had a lot to talk about.

I have walked onto set and you meet that person right then and there, and levels of being attracted to them may vary. But I feel that part of my job is to cultivate that chemistry and to emote that connection and sexuality and spark.
Those types of laws are really archaic and really it’s dangerous to criminalize sex work. It puts it underground and makes it less safe. It makes it harder for sex workers to access protection, resources, and community…It is a pretty mind-boggling thing when you think about what’s legal and what’s not and it’s even more mind-boggling when you think about the repercussions of those things being criminalized.

Interview Contents

Part 1

3:45 - How Maxine got her start.
5:00 - The financial and time benefit of working in the sex industry.
7:00 - Nature vs. nurture.
9:00 - What defines ‘Sex Work’?
10:30 - Legal vs. illegal.
13:30 - The varying laws and attitudes towards sex.
17:15 - The porn experience.
18:30 - Maxine’s first porn shoot.
20:30 - Can you get out of your head and really get into it and enjoy yourself as a porn actress?
27:30 - Feminism and porn.
32:15 - People’s ideas of porn vs reality.
40:30 - The life of an escort.
41:30 - Rejecting someone during the screening process.

Part 2

2:45 - How to get started as an escort.

6:30 - Dating struggles and stigmatism.

14:00 - Managing jealously.

19:00 - Connecting with other porn stars.

21:55 - The ‘whorearchy”.

24:30 - The disconnect with how other people view Maxine’s work with how she views it.

27:50 - Talking about work with family.

31:30 - Sex shows.

33:00 - Cum and Glitter

35:00 - The logistics of putting on a sex show.

37:30 - Interesting performances.

40:00 - Push parties.

47:00 - Folsom Street Fair and the size of the event.

49:30 - The Ask First Campaign.

58:00 - Maxine’s masters in public health.

1:02:30 - Guest lectures at universities.

1:06:00 - We’re Still Working.

1:09:45 - How this path has changed Maxine’s life.

1:14:15 - Advice.


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