Rustic Wedding Blogger (with Maggie Lord)

It came from this great organic place, like, I’m doing this, I’m in need of something, let me create something that’s going to help other people

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, ‘The only constant is change.’  Boy was he ever right.  Times they are a changing.  Some things for the good, others for the not as good, but that’s all a matter of perspective.  From my perspective, one of the better changes to come about in the last decade or so is bringing an element of casualness to once very formal and very serious institutions.  Showing that just because something looks more relaxed from the outside doesn’t mean that all of the emotion and substance that makes it special is not still on the inside.  On the contrary, it can make it even more special as it becomes approachable and inviting to a larger group a people.  One example of this is modern ‘fine dining’ institutions.  Most of the famous young chefs in the world work at restaurants that you can feel at home in.  No tuxedo necessary, just come in and enjoy the warm, unique atmosphere and amazing food.  This similar change has come around to the institution of weddings.  Gone are the days of 90% of people getting married in churches and country clubs, here are the days of my wife and I getting married outdoors in Yosemite.  Today’s guest, Maggie Lord, sensed the writing on the wall and created a Rustic Wedding (and Rustic Baby) empire.  She is the founder of one of the most popular wedding blogs,, and proves that you don’t have to be precious and formal to be beautiful, memorable, and filled with emotion.

Today we laugh, I’m like, that’s the original pintrest right there, a binder with a bunch of pulled out photos from Martha Stewart and Bride magazine
I always was obsessed with the idea of beautiful places that are special to people, and doing your own wedding with a unique twist


3:05 - Maggie planning her own wedding.

4:20 - The creation of Rustic Wedding Chic.

5:50 - Time/Prep for Maggie's wedding.

6:30 - Becoming a wedding "expert".

8:20 - Rustic Wedding Guide was created.

10:00 - How Maggie was growing her audience in the beginning.

14:30 - A catalyst to move the blog forward and create Rustic Wedding Guide (the venue and location finding site)

18:20 - Monetizing services.

20:20 - Maggie's book deals.

24:20 - The book writing grind.

26:50 - Working with Two Bright Lights.

30:00 - Press.

32:50 - Funding.

35:40 - Rustic Baby Chic.

37:05 - Hiring staff.

40:50 - Huffington Post gig.

42:10 - Most important decision and investment Maggie made for the business.

44:05 - Overall advice for someone to get started with their own website.


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