Dog Walker (with Miyuki Bierlein)

I can still have a social life, and I can enjoy my days, and I don’t have to answer to anyone except for the people I want to answer to. So I was like huh...isn’t that everything I always wanted?

Do you like dogs?  Of course you do!  Dogs are so much better than people, and just about anything else on the planet.  First of all, they can be trained to do all sorts of amazing things.  Second, they are fiercely loyal and love their owners.  Most importantly, they always show you that love and what a good time they’re having with those great wagging tails of theirs.  Dogs just seem like nature’s optimists.  They’re a constant reminder to not take our lives too seriously, and to be happy with what we have.  So what’s it like to forego the traditional 9-5 path and just surround yourself with playing dogs all day?  Today’s guest, Miyuki Bierlein, will answer just that question.

I’m like ‘Now dog, you know better than to mount! We are being very rude!’ It’s very much like, please don’t judge me...I’m very sorry my dog decided to hump your dog right now
In those cases it’s like, look puppy, momma’s gotta eat, momma’s gotta feed you, you gotta stay home and we’ll go to the park later


2:10 – The typical dog walker day.

4:45 – The legal limit of dogs you can walk.

6:50 – The dog walker community.

9:10 – Listener question – Do you have conversations with the dogs, and if so, what is the strangest conversation you’ve ever been caught having with a dog.

10:50 – Other people’s judgment at the dog park.

17:05 – Preventing issues with aggressive dogs.

19:45 - Doggy Insurance

20:25 - Listener question- Do you have a dog of your own and if so, do you sometimes feel bad not taking your own dog out and taking out other dogs instead?

22:25 -  How is your time spent while not physically walking dogs (social media, administrative, branding, etc)

26:00 - Dog Walking Apps. Competition?

31:25 -  How Miyuki became a dog walker?

39:35 - How this job has changed Miyuki as a person

46:05 Pay range

50:35 Advice for getting started


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