Musician (with Lucy Graves)

Life’s so friggin short...why not put your all into something that makes you happy.

We are a society, for better or for worse, obsessed with stardom.  Completely captivated by the bright and shining light.  The ensemble cast is all fine and good, but give me a name for god’s sake!  Although, what about that ensemble cast?  What about the people in the background actually making the play…movie…music come alive?  Today’s guest, Lucy Graves, is going to fill us in on what it’s like to live in the background, eschewing recognition in favor of some good old-fashioned life experience.  Lucy is the keyboardist for one of the better-known people in the music industry today, CeeLo Green.  She is also the keyboardist, backup singer, and co-song writer for Grammy winner Printz Board.  What is it like to be so close to stardom, but not a start yet yourself?

College can be a waste of time if what you want to do is create.
It’s [become] hard to wake up in the same place every day.


3:32 – How long has Lucy played piano for?

4:25 – What made Lucy get more into piano in high school.

5:35 – Lucy’s parents.

6:20 – Going to Berklee music school.

9:20 – Moving to L.A. to try and make it.

11:25 – Meeting Printz Board from the Black Eyed Peas.

14:55 – Songwriting sessions.

16:15 – What is it like having someone else get recognition for your song?

17:50 – Meeting CeeLo Green and getting the job to be in his band.

20:05 – Do you have a contract when being in a backup band?

21:10 – Touring with CeeLo.

24:15 – How Lucy’s life has changed.

26:35 – Going back and forth between being famous and not famous.

28:00 – Interesting ‘famous’ experiences.

30:53 – Working with Printz Board.

33:08 – Balancing the schedule between Printz and CeeLo.

34:38 – Trying to stay on top.

37:38 – Advice for someone looking to make it in the music industry.


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