Cheesemonger (with Sophie Mosgrove)

Yeah, when I tell people I get to work with cheese every day, most people are like, ‘Whoa that’s a dream job’

If you were stuck on a desert island and you could only eat one food, what would it be?  Trick question!  The answer is obviously cheese.  Not only is it the best tasting thing in the world, it also has protein, fat, and carbohydrates, making it the perfect shipwrecked meal.  Today we’ll learn all about this superfood from Sophie Mosgrove, a certified cheesemonger.  Sophie spends every workday thinking about and tasting cheese.  She’ll let us know what it’s like to have this dream job, and give us all kinds of interesting facts and advice to help us pick out a winner the next time we’re at the grocery store.

We start bringing cows indoors, and they start getting fed things that aren’t grasses, and what that starts doing is changing the color of the cheese.
It’s gonna kindof give it that stinky sock quality.


2:10 - Is working with cheese better than dating Justin Timberlake.

2:50 – The name cheesemonger

4:20 – The responsibilities of a cheseemonger.

5:15 – Eating aged foods.

6:25 – Retail vs distribution.

7:30 – How Sophie got started.

9:05 – Career progression for a cheesemonger.

11:05 – Does Sophie taste a lot of cheese on the job?

14:00 – Is Sophie now a cheese snob?

16:25 – Cheese contestant #1 – Harbison.

Washed vs natural rind.

How soft cheese is made.

25:05 – The deal with Brie.

31:30 – Cheese contestant #2 – Mimolette.

Orange vs white cheese

Hard vs soft cheese

Holes vs no holes

40:10 – Cheese contestant #3 – Laura Chanel’s Herb Chabis.

Goat vs cow cheese

Adding herbs and other additives to cheese

46:20 – How cheeses get named.

53:00 – Cheese tasting tips.

56:10 – Cheese recommendations.


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