Medical Device Rep (with Sam Kim)

They put you through the ringer. Tests, finals, everything. That’s where either you graduate or you don’t, meaning you don’t get to keep your job…That was such a stressful time for me that as a 25 year old I started losing hair on the side of my head to a point that it was the size of a nickel.

If we ever get hurt, or our body has some sort of hiccup in proper function, it’s likely to take a whole team of specialized individuals to get us back on our feet. Physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurses, and the often unheralded medical device rep to name a few.  If you have ever needed a procedure done to improve your body’s health or performance, there was likely a medical device rep involved somewhere down the food chain. Reps, like my friend Sam, make sure that the products and devices being used in a procedure are being used in the best ways possible. They can also help troubleshoot problems that could arise during or after use. As they say, it takes a village, and we should all be glad that people like Sam are part of that village.

A lot of times surgeons will ask me what other surgeons are doing. You’re also a resource because as a rep you see so many other cases at other facilities.
When you’re in the field you’re going to be asked questions by a surgeon or a nurse and you have to be able to communicate clinically…Even to this day I watch videos on YouTube to be refreshed of certain procedures I haven’t seen in a while…At one point there’s gonna be a conversation about that procedure with a surgeon and you don’t want to sound like a guy that doesn’t know any about that procedure.

Interview Contents

2:45 - What a medical device rep does.
4:30 - Calling on new vs old clients.
7:00 - Having a mature product and being a team member at a hospital.
9:40 - User error and navigating coaching surgeons.
11:00 - Assisting surgeons and being the product expert. 15:20 - How do you get your medical knowledge?
18:00 - The incredibly stressful training environment.
21:00 - Needing to have your clinical knowledge.
23:20 - It’s always the rep’s fault.
25:30 - How to coach a surgeon through a mistake they made.
32:00 - Medical device rep pay.
33:30 - Hurry up and wait.
36:30 - Blood and gore.
41:00 - Building relationships.
42:35 - The craziest case that Sam was a part of.
44:20 - How being a rep changed Sam’s view of health.
51:30 - Sam’s favorite part of being a medical device rep.
52:50 - Sam’s least favorite part of the job.
55:00 - Advice for becoming a medical device rep.


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