Auto Mechanic (with Steve Honaker)

Some of the independent shops that I know if are really good. Then there are the occasional, pretty rare ones where someone is out to get you. As far as industries go, it’s really no more bad in the car industry than it is in any other industry.

For most of us having a properly running car is a necessity.  If our car isn’t functioning correctly, our lives can’t function correctly.  We’d be late to just about everything…if we even had any chance of making it at all.  Luckily for us there are wonderful people like today’s guest.  Car not starting?  Engine overheating?  Bizarre clicking noise that you’re afraid might be animal living in your undercarriage?  Steven has you covered for all of this and more.  He’ll find out what the problem is and have you back on the road in no time.

He would only have it die when he made a right turn into the old Clark bridge. It was the specific angle he was turning the wheel that was causing a wire underneath to rub up against something, and over time that wire had actually worn a bare spot and that wire would short out when he turned onto the bridge.
That’s equivalent to if you went into a doctor’s office and told the doctor “hey my leg hurts”. The doctor is not going to be able to get a proper diagnosis of what the problem is.

Interview Contents

2:00 - Modern diagnostics and having your codes read.
5:00 - Dealing with the bad stigma that mechanics have.
9:30 - How to find a good mechanic.
11:30 - What are modern diagnostics and how do they work?
14:00 - The history of modern diagnostics.
16:30 - Complex modern diagnostics tools vs. basic code readers.
20:10 - Modern cars being computer controlled vs mechanical devices.
24:45 - Things we should be doing with our cars to keep them in good shape.
29:15 - Pay
34:30 - Advice


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