Marijuana Grow Manager (with Alex)

owning and working at a weed grow warehouse podcast interview
I know people that go up [to Northern California] and work for a couple months, and they make their years worth of money, $50,000-70,000, and they get a bunch of free weed, and then they go and do whatever they want for the rest of the year.

The landscape of marijuana in the United States (and many other areas of the world) is changing. Thanks to that changing landscape it is not only not as taboo as it used to be, it’s also a possibly serious, legal business venture to get started with. Despite the shift it’s still a great place to make a lot of money depending on where you live. Today’s guest, Alex, manages a full scale weed growing operation in Los Angeles. He’ll tell us all about the legal ways to make money working with and growing weed in California.

Indoor, depending on how many rooms you have going, you could be having a harvest every week.
I’m always learning something new about plumbing or electricity or horticulture, and I find those skills to be not only applicable to life outside the grow but also confidence building and fulfilling. There’s something primal about using your hands and your mind to make something that wasn’t there there.

Interview Contents

Part 1

1:50 - Recent weed history in California .
6:30 - Potential incoming of big business.
7:00 - Potential incoming regulation.
8:12 - The setup of a grow house, location.
10:55 - Licensing.
13:20 - The lifecycle of an indoor grow.
14:45 - L.A. vs. elsewhere.
17:00 - Indoor vs. outdoor.
23:30 - Signaling the plant.
26:00 - How much product does a warehouse space yield?
30:05 - The grow cycle.
40:44 - Employees and trimming.

Part 2

2:30 - Selling the weed.
4:00 - Cost, revenue, and profit.
16:00 - Operating in secrecy.
18:00 - Dealing with cops.
23:00 - How Alex gets paid and how much he makes.
24:30 - Job fulfillment.
28:00 - Advice for people looking to get in on the good life.


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