IT Auditor (with Tim Dubois)

how to become an it auditor interivew with tim dubois
I don’t call myself and accountant, but my two degrees say otherwise.

When most of us think of getting audited we think of the IRS and our taxes, and a big not fun process. When most of us think of accounting we simply thinking of numbers, boring repetitive numbers. Today we will hear from an auditor that works for a major accounting firm, and his job has nothing to do with taxes, or numbers for that matter. Tim is an IT auditor, which means that when it comes down to it, he’s using his accounting degree to work in the tech world. He’ll explain IT auditing to us and why it’s so important as companies grow in size.

The number one thing people assume I do when I say I’m an auditor is that I’m an IRS auditor and I’m coming to get them. I would say most audits are not there to identify the worst thing in the world and get you in trouble, it’s to identify vulnerabilities or things that might be going wrong so you can reverse course and fix the process.
There are people that come in the door with an IT degree and they’re usually the rockstars. We just have to teach them the auditing side.

Interview Contents

2:30 - IT Audit Accounting
7:15 - The goal of an IT audit.
9:45 - Checking for internal controls
12:00 - Tim’s job from start to finish.
15:00 - Getting a degree for this.
21:30 - Types of IT audits.
24:50 - Specialization.
27:15 - The most fun type of auditing.
29:30 - Auditing for good.
30:40 - The most common mistakes and problems that Tim encounters.
33:30 - Advice


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