Indie Magazine Creator (with Tam Le & Courtney Wedel)

how to create your own magazine podcast interview with slope and swell
Magazines, vinyl, film photography, all of this is making a comeback because we grew up with so much technology and this print magazine is sort of a way to break from that.

The younger generations of today are unfairly saddled with a myriad of judgements and prejudices.  They’re obsessed with technology.  And yet they're the ones who brought back vinyl, film, and are still interested in print.  They’re self absorbed.  And yet they’re the ones who above all else just want to have a job with a purpose that helps the world.  They’re too busy with their technology to pay attention to what’s around them.  And yet they’re the ones that look at life through an artistic lens and see the things that most of us miss.  Today I interview two young women who showcase all of these points.  They created a beautiful magazine called Slope & Swell.  They’ll explain their inspiration for the magazine and their desire to not just make another blog.

The non-boutique magazines don’t have that same quality. The boutique magazines…people gravitate to it because it’s a form of art almost.
The process almost never stops. Volume 2 isn’t out on shelves yet and we’re already thinking about volume 3 and who could start contributing to that.

Interview Contents

3:50 - Indie magazine culture and the analog comeback.
8:15 - The desire to start Slope and Swell.
11:00 - The Slope and Swell name.
12:00 - The beauty of the magazine.
13:00 - Getting content for the magazine.
15:00 - Work life balance.
16:15 - Printing and other partners.
17:45 - The layout and flow of the magazine.
20:00 - The first vs. the second magazine.
23:00 - Price.
24:30 - Sales and marketing.
27:30 - Aligning with people that stock your product.
30:00 - Advertisements.
31:45 - What they wish they knew when they started.
34:00 - The best part about having the magazine.
36:00 - Where to find the magazine.
36:45 - Advice.


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