Holistic Health Coach (with Leah Kirpalani)

clean beauty podcast interview with good-life owner leah kirpalani
I had no idea what was going on with my body. I was this mid 20’s fashion merchandiser living in a big city and all of my friends were out at that age absorbing the endless bars of San Francisco and I found myself lost in the supplement aisle trying to find what would make me feel better.

Life, more specifically modern life in the modern world, puts a lot of stress on our minds and bodies.  For 99% of human existence on this planet people did and didn’t do things quite differently from how they do or don’t do them now.  They did have long portions of every day where they got to be quiet, and just listen to nature.  They did follow the natural cycles of the sun and the moon.  They did not eat processed or made in a lab food.  They did not sit at a desk using their brains at max capacity for the majority of their day.  They did not put strange man-made chemicals on their skin to make themselves smell better or look more attractive.  Some of these things have really only started to change in the last 50-100 years.  While last century we thought we were making everything ‘better by science’, this century we seem to be seeing more and more people that are sick and tired with no concrete answer as to why.  I would venture to say that there is more than just a correlation there.  Today’s guest noticed the same correlation for herself, while suffering a slew of health complications in her 20s, and decided to do something about it.

It was kind of this aha moment where I’m like, wait, so you mean that I have to own my own health and do my own research? You’re not going to tell me what’s wrong with me or how to get better? If I was going to get better it was going to come from me.
In one day I dumped all of my skincare, conditioner, shampoo, toothpaste, you name it, and started slowly replacing it with all natural products…It was hard and it took me almost 8 years, and I was really inspired to share what worked.

Interview Contents

2:10 The catalyst for Good-Life aka Leah’s heath struggles.

12:00 - Nutrition school.

13:00 - Eating real food.

14:45 - Diets.

16:00 - Feeling your body.

23:00 - Makeup and how that played a part in building Good-Life.

24:30 - Online clean beauty boutique.

28:50 - Symptoms of chemicals in beauty products.

31:00 - Cost associated with clean beauty and clean eating.

35:45 - Deodorant: What to look for.

39:20 What we absolutely need to avoid in products.

43:00 - Are words you don’t understand on ingredients always bad?

44:35 - Curating products for the Good-Life website.

48:30 - Advice for getting started with clean beauty.


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