Creative Marketing Prodigy (with Brent Underwood)

It takes a certain level of arrogance to think that people want to hear what you have to say.

The world sure has become a fast moving place.  Everything is ever-changing, and trying to gain a handle on it all feels more and more impossible.  Just when I start to feel like I really understand a current technology or app, another ‘must have’ is just around the corner or already taking its place.  There are some amazing people though, that seem to thrive in this setting.  Those special few that stake their claim in a field and proclaim that they will be at the forefront, they will be the ones seeing and making change.  They do not get left behind as they do not wait for any playbook, and boldly venture out into unknown frontier to swiftly meet whatever success or failure lies ahead.  Today’s guest is one of these people in the field of marketing, and his company’s ideas will expand and/or blow your mind.

You have guys preaching that you should spend 20% of your time on your product and 80% of your time marketing, which might sound smart, but is actually terrible terrible advice.
We all have something to teach, and even if you just have a small hostel in Austin TX, you can say something that really resonates with people

Interview Contents

3:05– Brent’s history.

7:00 – The badass Brass Check team.

7:45 – The work they do at Brass Check.

9:10 – Working with music artists.

12:00 – The craziest marketing plan ever that led to an unknown artist getting record offers by every major label.

22:00 – Media manipulation.

26:00 – Does cream always rise to the top, or does it need viral marketing?

32:10 – Marketing vs. Content.

33:15 – Word of mouth is still king.

33:45 – Staying up on the current trends and bringing them to the marketing world.

36:05 – Being open for experimentation.

37:40 – Personal marketing.

38:45 – Being authentic.

40:45 – Lessons learned from starting HK Austin.

44:10 – Putting yourself out there.


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