Ayurvedic Practitioner (with Jackie Christensen)

I was like, ‘Wow, this is what it feels like to feel good’.

Is technology always a good thing?  I don’t just mean electronic gadgetry; I mean any form of scientific advancement.  This past century has been such an interesting one where we’ve come SO far with science and medicine, only to realize that moving forward is not always progress.  We can grow more crops than ever thanks to pesticides and genetically modified seeds, only to realize that our food doesn’t carry the same nutritional value, and our fruits and vegetables don’t look and taste the same as they once did.  We can double the size of our pigs so that we can have bacon on just about everything, but the super-sized pigs are so fragile that they can’t even go outdoors or they’ll die from disease or infection.  We have a plethora of antibiotics to kill off pathogens, and we now have a growing list of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Perhaps it is due to this that more than ever people are skeptical of the ‘better by science’ approach and are trying old school methods for health and well being.  One of the more popular and interesting approaches is Ayurveda.  The ancient Indian science/study/philosophy of health and well being is REALLY old school, but as you’ll hear, many of it’s ideas and principles seem to be popping up all over lately. 

Ayurveda just goes a lot deeper, it really gives you a better picture of the herbs when you use them and how to use them.
A lot of our Western diseases are diseases of lifestyle and diet overindulgence...so a lot of the time when we’re looking at dosha imbalances they’re too high.

Interview Contents

3:12 - The beauty of Ayurveda.

5:40 - The internal elements of Ayurveda.

7:40 - Why Jackie chose Ayurveda.

13:50 - Degrees and certification in Ayurveda.

16:30 - What goes into an initial Ayurveda examination?

20:00 - The Ayurvedic Doshas (starting with Vata).

21:45 - Pitta.

23:10 - Kapha.

28:30 - How does one know their true dosha?

30:40 - Eating based on your dosha.

35:10 - Sun in winter and changing your behaviors/diet (eating for your micro-climate).

37:10 - Nurturing the things you are vs. doing the opposite of the things you are.

40:55 - Go-to treatments other than diet.

42:54 - An array of herbs to choose from.

44:25 - Ways to live more in balance.

48:00 - Recommended sites to learn more.


Practiceayurveda.com  (Jackie’s site with a dosha-type questionnaire)

Joyfulbelly.com (comprehensive website for foods and recipes)

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