Bonsai (with Jeremy Campbell)

It can take a year or two before you even begin to start to see the results of your efforts.

Often times in nature bigger is considered better, more beautiful.  The ocean, the stars, the redwoods of Yosemite.  Likewise, smaller things can be considered cute, and fun.  Puppies, kittens, even baby corn.  The world of bonsai perfectly blends the two, taking what would be a full size majestic tree, and shrinking it down to pot size sensibility.  Today we learn about having the best of both worlds with Bonsai.

The idea of growing a bonsai tree inside your home is an idea that has developed from a lack of knowledge about the hobby.
Contrary to what people believe you’re not torturing and confining this tree, you’re allowing it grow.

Interview Contents

1:45 – Hobby? Art form? What exactly is bonsai?

2:50 – The elements of bonsai.

4:15 – Can any tree be a bonsai?

6:45 – Are these dwarf species of trees, or just regular trees you’ve confined.

10:15 – Growth and trauma.

11:30 – Pruning roots.

12:30 – The set up phase.

14:20 – Wiring.

16:00 – Pruning.

18:00 – How long is the first phase?

19:30 – Leaving wire on a tree.

20:50 – How often are you messing with your tree?

22:40 – What is considered good and bad bonsai?

26:25 – Do bonsai trees live as long as their big counterparts?

27:00 – The cost of old bonsai.

28:45 – Can you make bonsai’s out of basically everything? A redwood?

31:05 – Advice for getting started, and mistakes to avoid.


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