Board Game Enthusiast (with Wes Tomlin)

Board Game Enthusiast
Any game is a drinking game if you have alcohol in your hand.

Going out for the night (or the day) can be great.  Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and explore.  As I get older though I realize that there is a time and a season for everything.  Just as nature has summer and winter, I believe we have our own internal summer and winter that can shift week to week, or day to day.  So what of winter?  What are we supposed to do when it’s time to wear sweatpants and stay in for the night?  Are we destined for Netflix and pizza?  Are we doomed to the slow and comfortable death of watching others’ lives play out in front of us while we eat cookies on the sofa?  Must we spend our winters in isolation?  Today’s guest, Wes Tomlin of Never Bored Gaming, reminds us of an often forgotten alternative, the surprisingly deep and vast world of modern board games.  Whether you’re in your own personal winter or summer; whether you’re feeling like a caterpillar in a cocoon or a social butterfly, there will always be a game for you.

We went from not really playing games to how many times a week can we get together and be playing.
The big thing that got us into it was the interaction with other people. It’s great just to hang out hang out, have a beer, eat some chips and play a game for a few hours with your buddies.

Interview Contents

2:05 – The spark of Wes’s passion for playing board games.

3:30 – How Wes was getting game recommendations in the early days.

5:30 – Why games are so great.

6:45 – Picking out games for people that don’t like strategy.

9:15 – The different types of games out there.

13:30 – Wes’s favorite games.

15:20 – Do you get annoyed giving game recommendations?

16:25 – 2 player games.

16:50 – Playing co-op and single player games.

18:40 – Great party games.

21:50 – Really short games

24:55 – Great long games.

27:00 – Games to bring outdoors.

28:40 – Are games becoming more or less popular?

30:45 – The best unknown games.

31:50 – Games like Cards Against Humanity.

33:45 – Wes’s company Never Bored Gaming and other gaming resources.


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Favorite Games - (Affiliate Links)


X-wing miniatures game

Co-op Games



Cthulhu Realms

Star Realms

Party Games


King of Tokyo

The Resistance

Quick games

Zombie Dice

Long Games

Twilight Empirium

Imperial Assult

Games that deserve a bigger following


Cards Against Humanity Style


Misc Games Discussed



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