Travel Blogger (with Darrell Hartman)

People aren’t going to stand up and value things and protect them unless they first discover that they love them

The world is a pretty neat place.  The Grand Canyon, the giant sequoia trees of the Sierra Nevadas, the gysers of Yellowstone, Niagra Falls, Crater Lake, the rock formations in Moab.  The list goes on and on…and that’s just the US!  Kinda makes you wish you could just get paid to travel around and see it all like today’s guest Darrell Hartman and his younger brother Oliver.  They are the founders of the incredibly unique and much talked about “travel blog” Jungles in Paris.  Jungles in Paris uses a mix of breathtaking photography, videography, and well written articles to really explore the spirit of some of the most beautiful areas, people, animals, and phenomena on the planet.  So, how did they make it to the promised land and start living the dream?

I still do some of that [type] writing and I really enjoy it, but it couldn’t be 100% of what I was doing
You’re always figuring out how can you really be excited and passionate and happy to wake up in the morning, and also pay the bills


2:30 – The inspiration for starting Jungles in Paris.

5:50 – The circus of usual media.

8:10 – Protecting the natural world.

10:30 – Darrell’s background

12:30 – The start of Jungles in Paris.

14:00 – Having a network of people to work with.

15:00 – Designing the site.

16:15 – Saying no to people.

17:50 – How do you decide who to work with for the site?

18:20 – Being involved from the start of a project

23:05 – The name Jungles in Paris

25:30 – The nerves behind starting your own business and trying to stand out.

27:10 – Having experience in the field you are trying to start a business in.

29:05 – The logistics of getting your site recognized.

32:20 – How are they funding the site?

33:40 – Live shows

35:47 – Favorite things on the site.

38:35 – Advice for getting started.


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