The Sketch Effect (with William Warren)

Podcast Interveiw with The Sketch Effect founder
It’s like, Oh, you’re willing to pay me to do this? I thought this was just a fun thing I could do to help me get through this boring meeting.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  You know what’s really worth a lot?  Both.  Science tells us that if we both see and hear a concept our retention and comprehension go through the roof.  It was this fact that today’s guest, William Warren, unknowingly channeled when he sketched concepts out during meetings at his former company.  His drawings were so great that he became known for them in the office, and ultimately left to start a company dedicated to them and the art of visual communication.

To show up in an environment that would otherwise feel stale or stiff or boring and provide something that brings excitement and joy…it’s really exciting for our team to add value in that way.
If we are putting excellent work out into the world then the clients will come and demand more of us.

Interview Contents

2:00 - What is The Sketch Effect.

3:45 - How Will came up with the idea for The Sketch Effect.

5:30 - Data on the benefits of having visual information

9:00 - Knowing what information do draw during a live sketch.

12:00 - Sketching examples.

14:30 - The fun of learning.

18:00 - Preventing the sketches from getting too cluttered, and making it easy to follow.

24:00 - Growing the company and getting massive clients on board.

34:30 - Finding artists that can do this work.

35:00 - Mistakes in the early days of the company.

37:15 - Advice for someone wanting to start a B2B company.


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