Sports Photographer (with Andrew Weber)

Keep sharing your images. Don’t be afraid to have a website and keep posting and posting because at some point there will be a turning point and you’ll go “man, I’m getting really good at this!”, and then you can go back and look at where you started.

Sports. Love em!  Next to politics, there’s noting quite like sports for bringing people together and simultaneously tearing people apart.  Sports allow us all a bit of escapism and show us the best physical feats that our species is capable of.  It also lets us feel like were part of a team, part of something bigger than ourselves.  You would think it is due to these reasons that professional sports have absolutely exploded in the past 30 years, but you would think wrong.  The real reason for sports current dominance is people like today’s guest, Andrew Weber, who give us instant access to the biggest and best moments…only moments after they happen in real life.  For what good is being a sports fan if you don’t get to see the action?  Welcome to the world of sports photography.

Don’t be afraid to keep taking pictures. Just because you take a bad one doesn’t mean the next one is going to be bad. The more pictures you take the better you become.
In doing this for almost 6 years now, I don’t necessarily like watching sports on television. I go to so many games and I see so many different things that on Saturdays and Sundays when I’m not working I’m going to be outside working or spending time with my wife and my dog.

Interview Contents

3:00 - The setup of being a sports photographer.
4:30 - Who gets access where.
6:50 - The goal when taking sports photos.
8:00 - The technical considerations you need to make when taking sports photos.
9:15 - The gear a sports photographer needs.
10:30 - The immediate turn around of images due to social media.
12:00 - Who employs Andrew and how is he paid?
13:30 - Being freelance.
14:45 - Networking.
17:00 - Andrew’s background.
19:30 - Advice for people that would like to make a living with photography.
22:00 - How long did it take Andrew to become good at this.
23:20 - What Andrew does to grow as a photographer.
25:00 - Surrounding yourself with people that are in different industries.
27:30 - The impact of instagram.
29:00 - The coolness and fun factor of going to sports events.
32:45 - The best photography advice Andrew has ever gotten.
35:00 - Working alone or with others.
36:30 - Pay.
40:50 - Advice.


Andrew's website

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