Sex Educator (with Amy Baldwin)

Most people have a tendency to get in our heads during sex. Quite often we’re not paying attention to the touch we’re actually thinking about “What are they thinking?” “What are they feeling?” “What does my face look like?” “Am I sweating too much?”

I know, I know, we just recently had two episodes about sex…but something those episodes taught me is that sex is a giant topic with so many ins and outs and little intricacies that it can never really be fully explored.  It also taught me that we all have our own relationship with sex, our own knowledge of it, and our own lack of knowledge of it.  It is with those lessons that I decided to invite this week’s guest on the show and do another sex filled two part interview.  Amy Baldwin is the owner of Pure Pleasure sex shop in Santa Cruz, CA, and is also a certified sex educator.  Different from a typical HHI interview, I put out a call to listeners to send in your sex related questions.  In part one we mostly cover questions sent in by women, in part two, men.  Enjoy.

Making planned times to have sex is a really smart thing to do…You can still keep it spicy by planning to have sex in a different place/style/way than you usually do.
I really push people to honor their no’s and check in with themselves because when we dive into things that we have a big no on already then we create our own trauma in ourselves.

Interview Contents

Part 1

2:30 - Amy’s background
6:30 - The big underlying question…Am I normal?
10:15 - It is very difficult for me to orgasm during sex, but I always orgasm while I am masturbating.  What can I and my partner do to help?
13:30 - Is it possible to pee during sex?  And what is female ejaculation and how will I know the difference between this and pee?
19:25 - All things G-spot.
24:40 - Sex often hurts for me.  Is this okay and normal?  What can I do besides use lots of lube to make it better?
27:30 - I feel like my husband and I don’t have enough sex.  It’s not like one of us is turning the other one down, or like it’s not fun when we do have sex, it just never seems to be on the top of our to-do list.  What would you recommend to help is start having sex more often?
30:00 - I feel like my vagina smells bad sometimes, but I’m not sure if that’s just normal vagina smell, or a problem odor.  How can I tell the difference?
34:45 - Sex toy advice.
45:00 - What should I be doing with my partners balls?  I feel like they get left out.
47:00 - My ears are really sensitive and sometimes I almost feel like I’m going to have an orgasm while they are being kissed/licked.  Could this actually happen?
49:00 - Is it true that it is easier for women to have an orgasm while they are on top?
50:30 - Communication and how to talk about this stuff with your partner.
53:30 - Trying new things outside your comfort zone.

Part 2

2:30 - My partner doesn’t reach orgasm all the time.  It seems like it bothers me a lot more than her.  What would you recommend I / we do about this?
4:40 - Sometimes I cum really quickly.  It really bothers me and it seems like the more I think about it the more likely it is to happen.  Is there anything I can do to help this short of ‘don’t think about it’?
6:45 - What are some suggestions for foreplay that aren’t ‘typical’?
11:15 - Does penis size matter and can I make my penis bigger?
16:40 - I find it difficult to get an erection and I’m only in my mid 20’s.  Is there anything I can do to help?
22:00 - Open relationships and swinging.
44:00 - Amy’s shop and blog.


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