Prosthetist (with Kevin Carroll)

I heard a story on the news about this little dolphin that lost her tail. I thought to myself, we put arms and legs on people, why not put a tail on a dolphin.

There are very few things that can happen to you that will forever change your life; very few events that change the way that you think about and interact with the world.  I think that it’s safe to say that losing a limb would fall into this category.  Up until modern times losing a limb would’ve very likely also meant death.  Thanks to people like today’s amazing guest, losing a limb is no longer a death sentence, and they are working hard to make it less and less of a life changing event.  Whether you are veteran that lost a leg, a dolphin that lost it’s tail, or a turtle that lost a fin, today’s guest is here to help.

With a diabetic person…they can’t feel, so we as clinicians have to anticipate that by designing sockets that are not only comfortable, but safe for the patient to use.
We fit prosthetics on turtles as well, they’re beautiful little creatures.

Interview Contents

2:10 – What is a prosthetist?

2:45 – Prosthetics vs. orthotics.

4:50 – Getting a custom device.

5:40 – Schooling to become a prosthetist.

7:50 – The future of prosthetics.

10:00 – Evidence based medicine.

12:00 – Why people lose limbs.

13:30 – What the prosthetist does for these people.

15:40 – Osteo-integration, connecting the prosthetic directly to the body.

18:30 – How the prosthetics are typically attached today.

19:40 – The materials to make prosthetics.

21:00 – Using modern computing in prosthetics.

23:00 – The time of making prosthetics and rehab.

25:30 – Above vs below joint amputations.

27:00 – Connecting a prosthetic hand to work properly.

30:00 – 3D printing.

30:50 – What made Kevin want to become a prosthetist.

31:45 – Having good bedside manner.

33:10 – Making a prosthetic dolphin tail.

38:00 – Working with turtles.

39:10 – Advice.


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