Pie Maker (with Rebecca Miller)

how to start a pie busness interview with PJs pies Rebecca Miller
That’s the only secret to this. Being authentic, being real, trying the hardest you can, having fun, and believing in it more than anybody else.

I want you to think about the difficult decisions you’ve made in your life.  More specifically, I want you to think about the tough conversations you’ve had to have about these decisions.  Maybe telling your parents that you’re moving out?  Dropping out of school to pursue your dream?  How about telling your significant other, “You know that large amount of student debt I accumulated to become a lawyer?  Well, I decided I’m going to stop practicing law and start baking pies for a living instead.”  I know, pretty specific, but it’s also exactly what today’s guest did.  Now, only a few years later, her pie shop has almost doubled it’s business, she’s in the works to get their dough sold at Walmart, and her #WorldPieDomination blog has over 1,000 readers a day.

I was like “Wait, what? Walmart wants us to come down there?!” We went down and went to a meeting the night before and pitched the next morning, and it was legitimately like Shark Tank. The governor of Arkansas was there and a bunch of Walmart big wigs.
We’re both pleasers. Our first thanksgiving was an epic disaster. It was insane. And then we still opened the day after Thanksgiving so we wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. We should not have been working that day. Now we close the whole week of Thanksgiving.

Interview Contents

2:50 - Rebecca’s and PJPs background.
9:35 - The business when the first opened.
13:50 - The strange feeling of leaving behind being a lawyer.
17:50 - The #WPD blog.
24:20 - Meant to be an entrepreneur.
30:35 - Getting a partnership with Walmart.
34:50 - The perfect dough.
40:00 - Managing the business.
44:30 - Growing the business.
50:00 - Having a business partner that has different strengths from you.
51:30 - Pie sales and knowing how much to make.
55:00 - Trying interesting things at the shop.
1:00:00 - Advice.


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